Inventory Update : 9/26/16


Fall and harvest are upon us – it’s a BUSY time of year!  That means that as we prep to make new cider and perry, we will start running out of older batches.

I’d also like to remind people that apples don’t actually need a frost to ripen.  It’s a common myth.  Our orchard partner, Brightonwoods, has -lots- of great apples on hand right now. No need to wait for a cold snap – come see us right away.

At the winery, we are running low on:
Orchard Oriole Perry
Apple Brandy

And we recently ran out of:
Appely Amer
Siskin Scrumpy
Single Barrel Solstice

SOLD OUT: Appely Amer


Our small batch sparkling, rose-colored, intensely flavored, boundary pushing cider has sold out.

The red-fleshed apple trees are on their off year, so the soonest it can return is about 2018 – but it worked so well that I -will- be making it again.

Ciderwright Charles