Cherry port-style dessert wine.
• Blend of sour, morello and sweet cherries with wild cherries.
• Fortifying spirits from Great Lakes distilleries.
• Intense bouquet and flavor.  Like sipping tart cherry pie.
• Try with nuts (we suggest hickory) or chocolate.  Makes a decadent marinade for London Broil. Cheese match: Carr Valley Cocoa Cardonna.
  • Body: Medium, Heavy
  • Sweetness: 10
  • Tartness: 8
  • Alcohol: 18
Cultivars: Montmorency, Balaton, Heidelfingen, wild chokecherry
Cerise Cherry Port


Pear Dessert Wine

• Inspired by French classic – made on orchards in Normandy.
• Minimally fermented Reserve ‘sweet’ pear cider plus pear brandy from our own distillery.
• Stunning pear bouquet.  Intense ‘more than fresh’ pear flavor.  Fades to delicate, yet crisp, aftertaste with incredible length.
  • Body: Smooth, Heavy
  • Sweetness: 8
  • Tartness: 3
  • Alcohol: 17

Sweet, Very Pear, solid fruit, hint of spice, lingering
Pears: Comice with Bartlett Brandy
Pairings: Caramel Pretzels, Brandy cocktail

Bottle: 375mL flint icewine

Poirissimo Pear Dessert Wine


Apple aperitif wine.

Inspired by French classic made on orchards in Normandy.
Minimally fermented Reserve ‘sweet’ cider plus cider brandy from our own distillery.
Strong bouquet. Sweet and smooth with cognac notes.
‘Ultimate apple beverage’. Try with dark chocolate or caramel.

  • Body: Smooth, Heavy
  • Sweetness: 10
  • Tartness: 5
  • Alcohol: 18

Sweet, rich fall apples, touch of anise & oak
Apples: Gold Del, Jonathan, Russets, Snow
Pairings: Very Very Dark Chocolate

Bottle: 375ml Cobalt icewine

Pommeaux Apple Dessert Wine

Orchard Oriole Perry

English traditional perry pears. Complex and tannic. Fermented to highlight cultivars and terroir. Subtle pear, different from Bartlett and not-so-subtle tannins, tart, slightly bubbly.

  • Body: Tannic
  • Sweetness: 1
  • Tartness: 7
  • Alcohol: 5
  • Pears: Taynton Squash, Brandy, Thorn, Winnals Longdon, Normanschein Cidrebirne, Gin, Butt, Hendre Huffcap, and other bitter perry pears of English and Austrian heritage.
  • Pairings:
  • Available: 750mL, 5.16 gallon keg

Oriole Perry is our proud ‘estate’ perry.  It’s grown at Brightonwoods, within sight of the Winery.   It’s more subtle and complex than the Sparkling Perry- being fermented from 100% bitter perry pears.  We ferment it with a Sangiovese yeast that we think really brings out the tannin characters of the perry-specific cultivars.  These pears are exceedingly rare in the US, and not easy to grow.  When we get the question ‘Then why use them?’, we pour a glass of Oriole.  These are not mellow, easy-going French ‘butter pears’.  Perry pears think they are Cabernet – and have the tannins to back it up.