Inventory Update: 11/6/2017


Blackbird Berry cider has migrated for the season. It will be back in the Spring. There -is- some out in the Wild, but we are out at the Winery.  (And we do have some sixtel kegs on hand.)

Summers End is under 10 cases. 

Brightognac (Estate Brandy) is gone, but we still have a little Chestnut Aged Pear Brandy and Slivovitz. 

New Releases 4/12/17

Alrighty folks, its bottling time of year, and we’ve gotten a couple products on the shelf recently. 

I’ve created a new Tasting Room Current Selections menu page on the website (under Visit Us), and linked it to Facebook. I hope to keep it up to date. 

Apples Doux II – a semi-sweet champagne-method cider. Differs from the original Doux by using all Anglo-Franco true (tannic) cider apples – even for the final sweetening. 

Pommeaux – the Apple dessert wine is back!

Wisconsin Apple Brandy – is back!  Hurray. And there’s a limited amount of Cask Strength, too. 750mL, 118 proof. 

Update 2017/03/08


Mostly quiet at the winery these days. Hoping the weather stays cool enough to keep the trees asleep, but not so cold that the buds are damaged (the early warm weather likely weakened their cold hardiness).

We have Sparrow Spiced back on the shelf. The new Orchard Oriole will be back when the labels arrive.

We’ve been working on IT issues this past week or so. We lost a few news updates to ‘haxorz’ (who I suspect then called me to offer a fix). And we are rearranging our phone service. It may disappear for a day or two. But we haven’t gone away – it’s just the phone.

Here’s looking forward to Spring. In May.