Orchard Oriole Perry ’12 Release


This year’s draft perry, from estate-grown traditional English perry cultivars, is bottled, and will be released this weekend, May 25-26th.

Due to the poor crop following the Horrid Torrid March of Twenty Twelve, this batch of Orchard Oriole Perry is very limited – just 17 cases. You’ll have to come to the Tasting Room to get some – but we will reserve some for you by phone or email.

I will admit that I had some during bottling last night – and it’s pretty tasty.


Product Goings and Comings


The 2011 pomage of Pommeaux is gone from the Tasting Room.


We are on track to release the 2012 Orchard Oriole Perry and Kinglet Bitter Draft Cider next weekend. These will be Tasting Room exclusives this year.

We also have all the glass on hand to bottle up more dessert wines. You should come out and see how stuffed the winery is right now.

Tasting Room Season Open 5/4/13


As of today, 5/4/13, our Tasting Room is resuming regular weekend hours.

Saturdays 11-4
Sundays 12-4

We are often there earlier, but if you need us to before 11 or after 4, it’s best to call ahead.

The orchard is running behind this year. The current guestimate is 2 week to Bloom.

Welcome back to Spring and AeppelTreow Cidery and Distillery!

2013 GLCPA Competition Results

Milissa and I had a great trip to Grand Rapids, Michigan last weekend. Setting up for the Cider Sensory Seminar that I teach, along with Gary Awdey and Dick Dunn, was intense, but I think it was worry well spent. The seminar just keeps getting better.

Oh, and the competition results? ÆppelTreow took three medals for three entries. 100% medal rate!!

(Okay, they were all bronzes – but no traditional perry, like Orchard Oriole, got better than a bronze this year. And no brandies took a gold. Tough judges this year. We must have taught them too well :-)

Cider Summit Chicago 2013

Last weekend, we had a great Saturday on Navy Pier at Cider Summit Chicago. That’s right, we dragged our butts down to Illinois to see our fans, rather than vice versa.

It was a long day, with attendance about double expected. That made for lots and lots of pouring Barn Swallow on tap and Appely Doux and Perry from bottle. It was tiring, but great fun. We love to pour for lots of smiling people – and it was a terrific crowd. Special thanks to Cidery Friend and Bottling Corp member Aleta Hagman, who fetched us lunch.

I only managed to get one picture of my own, but I have a couple more sent by a long time fan from the Great Lakes Brewfest in Racine.

Can’t wait for next year.