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Critical essay writing tips

What is the first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word ‘criticism?’ In most cases, it is nothing but disapproval of something or someone based on certain mistakes or faults. However, it is not the case when it comes to critical essays. To write a critical essay means to objectively analyze the particular content and prove your argument with relevant evidence. However, the question is how to do it right?

7 tips for writing an effective critical essay from

  • A critical essay is still an essay, so your primary goal is to answer the question set in the title. The best way to do it is to create a logical plan or outline and follow it while writing.
  • Support your argument with relevant evidence and proven facts instead of making points that are mere opinions.
  • Never include information that doesn’t help answer the question. Be precise, direct, and clear in your writing.
  • Take into account opposing arguments and ideas, evaluate them, and tell how they oppose yours.
  • Use concrete, specific, and definite language that matches the argument style. Besides, try not to use negative sentences in your writing.
  • Conclude your critical essay with some recommendations regarding the results of your findings. Your work should be informative and objective.
  • Properly format your paper and ensure it doesn’t have any punctuation, spelling, and grammar mistakes.

Last but not least, a good critical essay cannot be based on your subjective opinion or feelings. It should be built on facts that can be proven. So start thinking critically, and you will be able to write an effective essay no matter the topic.

Wassail 2016


It’s time for our annual post harvest celebration. Join us on Jan 2nd in thanking the trees for their bounty in traditional English countryside fashion. (Minus Morris dancers)Winery opens at 4. We’ll go out to sing to the trees at 5. 

Weather permitting. 

Please RSVP on Facebook, on the winery phone 262-878-5344? Or to cpm at appletrue dot com. 

Low Inventory: Bunting Berry Cider

We are under 7 cases of the Bunting Berry Cider at the Winery. 

Bunting will be migrating away for a while. Blackbird will be filling its spot in the AEppeltreow ecosystem. 

If you want to reserve some of the remaining Bunting for yourself, but can’t make it to the Winery right away, just give us a call, we’ll put your name on some.  




We’ve decided to call the wassail this year. We thought about holding it indoors, but this wind is going to make highway 142 and the driveways awful.

We’ll try to catch up with a special event during bloom.

Thank you again, dear Friends and Fans, for a great 2013.

Tips for Visitors Traveling Along I-94


Road improvement may be progress and all, but it does present a bit of a hassle. If you’re coming to see us this summer, and traveling I-94, here are some tips.

From the North. The last I knew Highway 142 was still open if southbound from Racine or Milwaukee. That will change. Get off on Highway 11 and take it east to Kansasville. Turn left on US45 and follow that south to Highway 142. Turn right and go west 3 miles to County B. We have a sign there. Turn right and go up half a mile. We’re on the left.

From the South. Get off at Highway 158 (one past 50, which is now closed). Turn left at the end of the ramp and go under the highway. Visit our friends at Tim & Tom’s Cheese. Then follow the frontage road north. Follow the signs for the Mars Cheese Castle. Visit our friends there. Then take Highway 142 west 10 miles to County B, as above.

The other option for the north bound Zax is to go up to Highway 11 and follow the directions for the South bound Zax.

As of 7/23, we are at peak product availability. But it won’t last. So come see us soon.