Cherry port-style dessert wine.
• Blend of sour, morello and sweet cherries with wild cherries.
• Fortifying spirits from Great Lakes distilleries.
• Intense bouquet and flavor.  Like sipping tart cherry pie.
• Try with nuts (we suggest hickory) or chocolate.  Makes a decadent marinade for London Broil. Cheese match: Carr Valley Cocoa Cardonna.
  • Body: Medium, Heavy
  • Sweetness: 10
  • Tartness: 8
  • Alcohol: 18
Cultivars: Montmorency, Balaton, Heidelfingen, wild chokecherry
Cerise Cherry Port

Single Barrel Series : Philosophical Cider

Every year we plan some production space for special batches.  We let the orchard have its own voice in these batches.  We set a side a reserve of apples that developed outstanding character. Or a blend of apples that arose Cyser together in history. Or that the cidermaker Appely thinks are www.chicagobearsjerseyspop.com especially nifty.

These batches are produced with a minimalist approach. That means they are all light, dry, subtle and still.  The most authentic taste Football of the orchard we make.

We know they aren’t for every taste der – so we make a single barrel of each.  It comes out to just over 20 cases.   Each Perry batch is an ephemeral glimpse of orchard character, like scents on the wind:  tart, bitter, grass, Appely wood, The spice, blossom, fruit.  And when it’s gone, it’s gone.   In some future year, the orchard might whisper something similar in the cidermaker’s ear – but it won’t be exactly the same.

Here are Label some examples of Single Barrel Ciders that have come and gone.