Tasting Room Menu

    • Samplings

    • Five for Free


      Up to five samples. For instance, something in each style.  Limit one distilled. Per person, but couples may share if they choose.

    • Cider Flight


      Run through all the available ciders in all the styles: Sparkling, Draft, Still, Dessert

    • Spirit Flight


      Run through the available whiskies and brandies.

    • Sparkling

      Made with the traditional champagne method. 750mL bottles.

    • Appely Brut


      Crisp, mineral, austere. Zero residual sugar, little astringency.

    • Appely Doux II


      100% estate grown true (tannic) cider apples, originally from England and France.  Semi-sweet, mild astringency.

    • Perry


      Floral, smooth, creamy. Semi-sweet.

    • Draft (Canned)

      Lightly carbonated, moderate alcohol. 12oz cans in 4 pack carriers, some are available in sixtel kegs, too.

    • Orchard Oriole Perry


      Estate grown true (tannic) perry pears.  Nearly totally dry, generous astringency. Floral pear with hints of citrus and pine.

    • Kinglet Proper Cider


      Estate grown true (tannic) cider apples. Semi-dry, mild astringency.

    • Barn Swallow Cider


      Modern American cider from eating and cooking apples. More floral than fruity. Semi-dry.

    • Blackbird Berried Cider


      Modern cider flavored with juices of black currant and elderberry. Sweet and Tart. Our biggest flavor cider.

    • Sparrow Spiced Cider


      Modern cider flavored with our own-milled mulling spice blend. Chai-like. Semi-dry.

    • Siskin Scrumpy Funked Cider


      Semi-sweet cider flavored to simulate the wild funkiness of English farmhouse ciders. A little tannin grippiness, a little tickle at the back of the throat and smoky in a bacon-ish way.

    • Still

      Like a light bodied table wine. 750mL bottles.

    • Americana


      Estate grown apples of Jeffersonian provenance. Our attempt to re-create Colonial American cider.  Crisp and clean. Zero residual sugar.

    • Cyser Rose'


      Red-fleshed crabapple mead. Estate grown apples and neighborhood honey.  Rose' in color, our most red-wine-like offering. Big body and astringency. Semi-dry. Great for meal-pairing.

    • Summer's End


      Sweet Apple wine from September harvested apples. Different this year : honeyed and buttery.

    • Pear Wine


      Semi-sweet and floral. Really easy to drink.

    • Dessert

      Fortified with brandy to stop fermentation and leave original sweetness and juiciness. 375ml bottles.

    • Pommeaux


      Normandy-inspired. Like an apple port. Quintessentially apple.

    • Poirissimo!


      Pear mistelle (a port-like juice/brandy blend). Makes a great martini if used like vermouth.

    • Spirits

      Distilled. 'Hard' Liquor. 375mL bottles, unless otherwise noted.

    • Brown Dog Whiskey

      80 Proof / 375mL 19.00
      Cask Strength / 750mL 40.00

      Whiskey from WI grown sweet sorghum. Aged with oak, apple, cherry and chestnut wood. A bit like a scotch without the peat.  Available in two strengths.

    • Wisconsin Apple Brandy

      80 Proof / 375mL 24.00
      Cask Strength / 750mL 55.00

      Distilled in WI from WI grown apples, aged in new, charred WI oak.  Meant to be more like an early American Apple Jack than a Normandy Calvados.
      Available in two strengths.

    • Pear Brandy

      Honesty eau de vie 34.00

      Distilled from Pears. Available unaged. (Chestnut Aged coming.)

    • Plum Brandy

      Aged 40.00

      Distilled from plums. Aged in used WI oak.