ÆppelTreow Winery & Distillery is a producer of small batch cider, perry and spirits.

At ÆppelTreow :

  • We Are ‘Apple True’
    Old English For Apple Tree or Apple Truth
  • We Are Cidermakers
    Apples and Pears are the Core of Our Products
  • We Are Orchardists
    Honest Flavors come from the Trees and Land
  • We Are Historians
    History and Tradition are Our Inspiration
  • We Are Local
    Local Ingredients and Local Customers
  • We Are Family
    Three Generations on hand from Branch to Bottle.

Cider and Perry?  We use the pre-Prohibition meaning of ‘cider’, so we’re talking about fermented or ‘hard’ cider. Perry is the pear analogue to cider.  We use lots of different kinds of apples and pears in our products.  Some modern.  Some heirloom – no longer grown for stores. We make a range of styles: sparkling, draft, still/table, and fortified/dessert.  Within a style, we lean to the dry end – but also have some medium-sweet offerings.

We are also a distillery.  We use Wisconsin grown crops and wood to make whiskey and brandies.  Distilled spirits may be powerful, but they are also flexible.  They are nice neat (straight up), and even more fun in cocktails.  We encourage people to mix our products up and add their own creative touch.