Brown Dog Sorghum Whiskey

Brown Dog Whiskey is distilled from sweet sorghum grown in Elkhart Lake, WI. It’s aged for at least a month in Wisconsin White Oak barrels – lightly charred and often previously used for apple brandy.  Then it’s steeped with chips and planks of Wild Cherry, American Chestnut, Apple and more American White Oak.

Sorghum is an unusual grain choice for whiskey.  We chose it because we can get it ready in a syrup form that looks superficially like molasses.  Since AEppelTreow is primarily a Cidery, and Cider Is Wine Not Beer, we don’t have the brewing equipement that would be used for a more standard whiskey mash.   Also, since sorghum is naturally gluten free, as is cider, we can keep the whole site gluten free – and still make whiskey.

AEppelTreow Yeast Herder, Charles, runs the original fermentation slow and easy.  It may take 10 to a fortnight to complete. That’s much slower than typical in the industry.  Our Distillatrix, Milissa, runs little batchs in our still and carefully cuts spirit hearts from tail by taste for a spirit that nice, and even better after the brief aging we employ.

The result is a bit like Scotch, without the smoky peat notes.

If moonshiner slang for unaged whiskey is ‘White Dog’, and our young whiskey is a light amber color, it’s naturally… ‘Brown Dog’.

Bottled at 375mL at 80 proof.
And 750mL at Cask Strength – usually about 104 proof.

Brown Dog Whiskey

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