Update 3/11/12


Added the rest of the basic pages for the Song Bird Ciders: Oriole Perry, Kinglet Bitter, Red Poll, Bunting and Sparrow Spiced.

Note to self: Add key for the sweetness and tartness scales somewhere, and add a post telling the story of ‘Why Songbirds’.

Website fixes


Milissa’s mother, Marianne, noticed that clicking on the product coverflow images didn’t work properly. Turns out I broke them when I moved the website from a development directory to the main gig. They work again. AND I made it so that they open in the same window, not a new one. Thought I had fixed that one before.

Caveat: clicking the pictures only works if I’ve written posts about those products. The products I’ve made it to are the ones listed in the dropdowns in the by-the-style sub-menu on the Product page.