Low Inventory: 9/22/21


We’re getting low on Summers End Apple Wine and Americana Still Cider. The last of this year’s Orchard Oriole Perry is on the shelf.

I don’t know what happened with the Summers End. This batch must be selling a lot better than the last for my guestimate to be so far off.

Mask Up and Come In. Or call to reserve. Or order online.

COVID Update: 8/4/21


We are at Level ORANGE (Again!)

In response to the current situation, we are returning to requiring masks for all guests who don’t have a glass in hand. We are also asking that unvaccinated visitors consider our To Go Tasting Flight. If/When Kenosha County reaches RED, we will return to only offering To Go Flights for our sampling option.

We monitor CDC data every few days, but an easy visualization that uses the same underlying data is:

We find this at least as frustrating as you do, but must again take action to protect ourselves, our crew, and to not host needless risk (even when others are willing to accept that risk.)

Spring Hours


Starting Sat. May 1, we are opening for our Tasting Room Season.
We’ll be doing limited tastings inside, and carry-out flights in good weather.
We have all our small batch ciders for the year – they won’t last long.
Mask up and come see us.

Winter Hours


We’re now in our winter hibernation. We won’t be keeping regular hours, but you may call/message and set up an appointment for us to meet you at the winery.

This year we can also ship ciders (but not spirits). Check the ‘Compliant Shipping’ page.

Stay well, and we’ll see you about bloom-time.

Inventory Update: Dec-4-20


We’ve had a run on Blackbird Berried Cider and Apple Brandy.

The Blackbird is now gone from the Tasting Room – but available through retailers. I can help you find one. Apple Brandy isn’t gone from the TR, but there’s more in distribution.

We are very low on: Appely Brut, Apple Brandy
We are merely low on: Summers End Apple Wine, Sparrow Spiced Cider

Reminder: Winter Shipping Sale Coupon: WINTER20. Through March.

Change to Pick Up Only


We’ve decided to stop Tasting Room tastings for the remainder of our season. No one is telling us to lock back down – we feel it’s the prudent thing to do. We’ll still be there Saturdays and Sundays until Dec. 20th, weather permitting for packaged sales pickup.

End of October Hours Change


As a reminder, this is the last week we will have scheduled weekday hours.

After All Saints Day (Nov 1), if you’d like to visit us midweek, you’ll need to contact us ahead of time to arrange a mutually agreeable appointment.

Also, as we enter our Early Winter Hours, after Nov 1, we’ll be closing at 4pm, rather than 5. It gets dark out here in the country – especially after the switch back to Standard Time.

Code RED Re-activated


In order to comply with Emergency Order #3, we are returning to our Code RED plan.

Our restricted operating plan:

  • We are asking that all tastings be the 6 for $5 To Go Tastings. We will be a little flexible (1-2 at the bar), but please work with us.
  • Also, please pick up a Tasting Sheet and/or Flight Idea Guide and make your selections before coming up to the bar.
  • Please have non-tasters wait outside, including under-21s not being carried and people ‘just looking’. We’re trying really hard to limit exposure – and you wouldn’t bring children to a bar, would you?