Change To Reservations

It turns out that trying to do online reservations just isn’t working, so I’ve removed it from the website.

It seemed like a good idea, but we just don’t have a good (read ‘any’) way to close the loop and figure out who has appeared and is waiting, versus who has appeared and gotten served without making themselves known. I’m keeping the waitlist service in case we need it in October – just not the self-registration ahead of time portion.

Also, with the changes to Face-Face tasting that we’ve done because of Covid, we’re actually getting people in and out much faster than in prior years and waits are way down.

As a reminder, right now the biggest group we can handle at one time is 7, and we’re asking under 21s that aren’t being carried to wait outside unless you’re the only visitors at the time,

I’ll be posting a Covid status update this Thursday, I think. I figured out what caused a single day 30X spike, and while there -has- been an uptick locally (in addition to the glitch), I’ve got my fingers crossed Kenosha will drop back under the 25/100K daily new cases that’s my RED Line.

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