Covid Info

Updated 9/17/22

Covid Policy

  • Masks are NOT required, but are welcome. Crew may be masked, depending on home situation.
  • When we are full, we may ask non-drinkers to wait outside.
  • Please try to speak softly, we’re trying not to shout to be heard. Dividers are still up.
  • Distance in Time: when waiting or finished, please limit you time inside, so we can help more people.

9/17/22: Covid ??

Two years in, we seem to be entering an endemic phase of Covid. Data sources seem to be falling into disrepair, most (but not all) people in our region seem largely indifferent.

For personal family reasons, we are keeping dividers up, and will mask from time to time.

We aren’t asking visitors to mask. But we also won’t let anyone be hassled if they feel the need to mask up.

Stay safe. Be respectful. Vaccinate like you vote (early and often).