Covid Info

Updated 10/08/20

Plan for September-October

  • Mask (properly) while inside, except while tasting.
  • When we are full, we may ask young people to wait outside.
  • When we are full, we may ask non-drinkers to wait outside.
  • Please try to speak softly, we’re trying not to shout to be heard.
  • Distance in Space: remember those 6 feet.
  • Distance in Time: when waiting or finished, please limit you time inside, so we can help more people.

10/8/20 : Covid RED

In Order to comply with Emergency Order #3, we are returning to out RED plan. Details are in the sidebar post, but we’ll be limiting at-bar samples and the number of people in the building at one time,

We are open for sales and tastings, but with some caveats.

We’ve put up plexiglass dividers down the middle of our tasting bars so that we’ve got some space to talk with our visiting Tasters and not be mask muffled. It’s not perfect, but it part of reducing risk.

Masking up is on all of us. The Aeppeltreow Crew will mask when we aren’t behind our shields. To date, we’ve been pretty relaxed about our visitors masking. Starting in July, we’re going to be more persistent in this request. Ciderwright Charles, biologist by education, chemist by vocation, will be monitoring the local situation weekly.

As long as Kenosha County doesn’t turn ‘RED’, we’ll keep being somewhat flexible if there are no other guests. We’re watching this, and hope you are too. If you are from a ‘red’ county, we hope that you’ll delay your visit.

We are limiting the number of people in the barn at any given time. We can handle maybe 1/3 to 1/2 of our peak capacity. Groups of more than four people might have to divide across tasting rooms, or wait for several spots to be free. We can’t handle groups of more than 6 (8 in a pinch) at all. We have decided to implement a waitlist system, rather than dedicated reservations – but this is new to us too, so please bear with us.

In order to create distance in the 4th dimension, we are only offering our Five For Free Flight. Since we know that some people are looking for a bigger tasting, we’re offering To Go Flights of six products of your choice for $5 that you can take outside to our picnic tables. We have a really small amount of inside space for bad weather.

One more thing…
Over the years, we’ve been as family friendly as possible for an establishment that serves alcohol. Babes in arm or strollers are unlikely to be a problem. Besides, we like to make faces at them. But dibbuns and youth will need to be well attended, and masked, inside. If we get up to people capacity, we may ask if they can wait outside.