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Siskin Scrumpy Farmhouse Cider
Blackbird Berried Cider
Barn Swallow Modern Cider
Bluebird Barreled Cider
Scarlett Rosey Cider
Sparrow Spiced Cider
Tyton Tannic Heritage Cider
Kinglet Tannic Heritage Cider
Orchard Oriole Perry
Appely Brut
Appely Doux
Barn Swallow Draft Cider
Kinglet Bitter Draft Cider
Orchard Oriole Draft Perry
Redpoll Cran-apple Draft Cider
Bunting Berry Draft Cider
Sparrow Spiced Draft Cider
Cyser Rose' Crabapple Mead
Summers End Apple Wine
Pear Wine
Poirissimo Pear Dessert Wine
Pommeaux Apple Dessert Wine
Cerise Cherry Port
Brown Dog Whiskey
Apple Brandy
Honesty Pear Brandy
Antique Russet Single Barrel Cider
Autumn Glory Single Barrel Cider
Blenheim Orange Single Barrel Cider
Fencerow Perry Single Barrel Perry
High Summer Single Barrel Cider
Solstice Single Barrel Cider
Peach Brandy

ÆppelTreow Winery & Distillery produces cider, perry and spirits.
We emphasize:

  • Use of locally grown fruits and crops.
  • Use of special purpose, heirloom cultivars.
  • A minimalist production approach
  • A lighter style that lets the subtle flavors come through.

We back up this philosophy with great carry-through resulting is very drinkable products. We support it with a lot of education about apple and cider history, fruit growing, even politics and chemistry.  A trip to ÆppelTreow is a multi-faceted experience.

So, please, use the links and label coverflow above to expore our portfolio before you come and sample them for yourself.