Cerise – retired


To make room for another nifty product I’ve been working on, we’re retiring Cerise.  Don’t worry – it’s replacement is just as nifty.  Watch for it in the Spring of 2013.

We’ve been out of Cerise in the Tasting Room for some time.  L’eft Bank Wine Co. has some, as of January 2013, so it should be possible to order through stores in WI, while their supply lasts.



Cherry port-style dessert wine.
• Blend of sour, morello and sweet cherries with wild cherries.
• Fortifying spirits from Great Lakes distilleries.
• Intense bouquet and flavor.  Like sipping tart cherry pie.
• Try with nuts (we suggest hickory) or chocolate.  Makes a decadent marinade for London Broil. Cheese match: Carr Valley Cocoa Cardonna.
  • Body: Medium, Heavy
  • Sweetness: 10
  • Tartness: 8
  • Alcohol: 18
Cultivars: Montmorency, Balaton, Heidelfingen, wild chokecherry
Cerise Cherry Port