Wisconsin Immature Brandy

Wisconsin grown grapes in Wisconsin White Oak.

This brandy is a varietal brandy – just one kind of grape went into it. LaCresent grapes grown at Vernon Vineyards.  LaCresent is known for it’s aroma, and this brandy is nearly perfume.  It’s brilliant and floral and very not Korbel.

In keeping with our historic inspiration, our Brandy was aged in new, charred oak, as we believe all early American spirits would have been.  That adds a certain smoky/spiciness that is unusual for a brandy.

Why ‘Immature’?  No, it doesn’t spend its time whinging. Sorry – whining.  Federal regulation say that ‘brandy’, unadorned, must be at least two years old.  But we didn’t want that much oak infusion. Or to loose any more aroma to oxidation through the wood grain.  So we bottled it early.

Wisconsin Immature Brandy


Cherry port-style dessert wine.
• Blend of sour, morello and sweet cherries with wild cherries.
• Fortifying spirits from Great Lakes distilleries.
• Intense bouquet and flavor.  Like sipping tart cherry pie.
• Try with nuts (we suggest hickory) or chocolate.  Makes a decadent marinade for London Broil. Cheese match: Carr Valley Cocoa Cardonna.
  • Body: Medium, Heavy
  • Sweetness: 10
  • Tartness: 8
  • Alcohol: 18
Cultivars: Montmorency, Balaton, Heidelfingen, wild chokecherry
Cerise Cherry Port

Single Barrel Series : Philosophical Cider

Every year we plan some production space for special batches.  We let the orchard have its own voice in these batches.  We set a side a reserve of apples that developed outstanding character. Or a blend of apples that arose Cyser together in history. Or that the cidermaker Appely thinks are www.chicagobearsjerseyspop.com especially nifty.

These batches are produced with a minimalist approach. That means they are all light, dry, subtle and still.  The most authentic taste Football of the orchard we make.

We know they aren’t for every taste der – so we make a single barrel of each.  It comes out to just over 20 cases.   Each Perry batch is an ephemeral glimpse of orchard character, like scents on the wind:  tart, bitter, grass, Appely wood, The spice, blossom, fruit.  And when it’s gone, it’s gone.   In some future year, the orchard might whisper something similar in the cidermaker’s ear – but it won’t be exactly the same.

Here are Label some examples of Single Barrel Ciders that have come and gone.