Other Outlets

While we love for people to come and visit, we know that isn’t always possible.

Because the rules for shipping alcohol have become so complex, we do not ship inside or outside of Wisconsin.  We enourage you to support a local store and ‘pull’ our products through the system.  Alas, this isn’t as easy as it should be, but if you pull on the retailer, and we push on the wholesaler, we can often make it work.

Speaking of wholesalers.  In Wisconsin, we use L’eft Bank Wine Company.  That’s who your local store or restaurant would need to contact. Outside Wisconsin, we work with Shelton Brothers Importers.  They sell to in-state distributors, who sell to your local store.  Complicated, isn’t it?

Here is a map of Wisconsin outlets. ‘On’ means drink it on site – that is, bars and restaurants. ‘Off’ means stores.  I promise to add other locations around the country Real Soon Now.