Tasting Room Menu

    • Samplings

    • To Go Flight


      Pick any Six to take outside to our picnic tables.  A COVID Offering.

    • Five for Free


      Up to five samples. For instance, something in each style.  Limit one distilled. Per person, but couples may share if they choose.

    • Sparkling

      Made with the traditional champagne method. 750mL bottles.

    • Appely Brut


      Crisp, mineral, austere. Zero residual sugar, little astringency.

    • Perry


      Floral, smooth, creamy. Semi-sweet.

    • Draft (Canned)

      Lightly carbonated, moderate alcohol. 12oz cans in 4 pack carriers, some are available in sixtel kegs, too.

    • Tyton Tannic Cider


      Heritage cider from classic bittersweet proper cider apples. Finished semi-sweet to further soften and smooth the tannins.

    • Barn Swallow Cider


      Modern American cider from eating and cooking apples. More floral than fruity. Semi-dry.

    • Blackbird Berried Cider


      Modern cider flavored with juices of black currant and elderberry. Sweet and Tart. Our biggest flavor cider.

    • Sparrow Spiced Cider


      Modern cider flavored with our own-milled mulling spice blend. Chai-like. Semi-dry.

    • Siskin Scrumpy Funked Cider


      Semi-sweet cider flavored to simulate the wild funkiness of English farmhouse ciders. A little tannin grippiness, a little tickle at the back of the throat and smoky in a bacon-ish way.

    • Still

      Like a light bodied table wine. 750mL bottles.

    • Americana


      Estate grown apples of Jeffersonian provenance. Our attempt to re-create Colonial American cider.  Crisp and clean. Zero residual sugar.

    • Summer's End


      Sweet Apple wine from September harvested apples. Different this year : honeyed and buttery.

    • Pear Wine


      Semi-sweet and floral. Really easy to drink.

    • Spirits

      Distilled. 'Hard' Liquor. 375mL bottles, unless otherwise noted.

    • Kettle Geneva Gin


      Soft, floral, botanical gin distilled from pears, juniper, spices, and blossoms. Named for Geneva Lake (a glacial kettle), our still (a pot), and the American spelling of genever - gin's historic ancestor.

    • Brown Dog Whiskey

      80 Proof / 375mL 20
      Cask Strength / 750mL 42

      Whiskey from WI grown sweet sorghum. Aged with oak, apple, cherry and chestnut wood. A bit like a scotch without the peat.  Available in two strengths and two ages. 80 proof, Cask Strength, and 3 year old Cask.

    • Wisconsin Apple Brandy

      80 Proof / 375mL 26.00

      Distilled in WI from WI grown apples, aged in new, charred WI oak.  Meant to be more like an early American Apple Jack than a Normandy Calvados.
      Available in two strengths.